Bob Petersen is a ceramic artist and educator. He grew up in the western suburbs of Chicago, Illinois and for over 30 years he and his family have called Atlanta home. Bob received a Masters in Art Education from Illinois State University and a Bachelors in Art Education from the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse. He owned of a custom picture frame gallery in Atlanta, has taught art and ceramics in public and private schools and adult ceramic classes at Universities and ceramic centers. Bob now devotes his time as a studio potter and ceramic instructor.

Artist Statement
I strive to craft pieces that are aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable to the user. My pottery is influenced by life experiences and the shapes, forms, textures and colors in my environment. I explore ways to communicate my touch by transforming clay and creating individual qualities in each piece. The surfaces on my work reference colors, movement and textures in nature; the ocean, sand on a beach, clouds, mountains, or the hues of the changing seasons. I am drawn to the physical tangible qualities of clay and its interaction with others. Drinking something warm in a mug, passing a bowl around a table, sharing an appetizer on a platter or arranging flowers from the garden in a vase. These types of collaborations inspire me as they connect individuals to ceramic forms. The master potter Warren Mackenzie once said, “It is only when the user feels the presence of the hand of the potter that communication truly exists.”

I value and respect the artists and educators that have touched my life, shared their knowledge, mentored and encouraged me to create. Their voices will travel with me through my journey as a potter, artist and educator.